1. Amla (Gooseberry):

gooseburyOne of the richest source of Vitamin C is Gooseberry. It makes the pancreas produce insulin to its optimum. This helps the blood glucose level remain balanced. It is said that when Gooseberries are taken orally it can reduce sugar level in just half an hour (however, when the seeds are taken in powder form it works similarly but slows the process down).


 2. Jamun / Black Plum:


jamunAnother fruit highly beneficial for us is Jamun; a rich source of Iron, Phosphorus and Vitamin C. Due to its alkaloids presence, its hypoglycemic effects increases. This helps to reduce upto 30% of blood sugar and glycouria or sugar in urine. Such a high valued fruit is this Black Plum that the seed and its leaves also help to reduce sugar levels in our blood stream.